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partnering shibori, stencilling, and hand-painting techniques

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combining shibori, stencil, and direct-painting techniques




The characters for tsujigahana are written 辻が花. The first character, (tsuji), means crossroads. (ga - also written ) is a term used to link two words, and (hana) means flower. So simply translated, it means flower at the crossroads  – nodding to the fact that several techniques are intersecting to produce this look. These techniques are primarily stitched shibori and and hand painting, whether directly with a brush or with the help of a stencil.

a few samples of tsujigahana

tsuji camelia-.jpg

Most of us are familiar with the work of Itchiku Kubota, an artist who helped to revive interest in this ancient dye technique and spread an appreciation of it to the West. The above sample, while not Kubota's work, is typical of what we've come to expect. With stylized flowers and leaves, great embellished and bringing definition to colorful stitched shibori designs.

tsuji JM indigo plums-.jpg

These other three images are all examples of my work. The indigo example above adhering closer to the traditional look while introducing a couple more travelers joining at the crosssroads – clamp resist and rice-paste resist.

   Below is strictly shibori and direct painting, this time with the focus kept on the shibori and only details of the fish enhanced.

tsuji underwater JM-.jpg

The wisteria and snowflakes, below, depend heavily on the hand painted indigo pigment details to bring definition the otherwise ghostly shapes of the stitched shibori. Layers of color were built up both before and after the removal of the resist threads using both juice and pigment natural dyes.

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