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Workshops and Programs

Sponsor a Talk or Workshop

Over the past fifty years, I’ve offered a broad range of lectures and workshops for a variety of groups – from the Embassy of Japan, the Textile Museum in DC, Complex Weavers and HGA, as well as smaller regional guilds. With the advent of Zoom, I’ve been able to present programs to people all over the globe, without the added burden of travel expenses and jet lag.


It’s a simple set up. I charge $600 per Zoom session. Each session is normally two hours, less if requested  for a guild meeting. A two hour workshop session is equivalent to a six-hour, in person lesson. Lectures are built around lasting one session and workshops are listed with the number of sessions required to cover the material in the course.

   A fifty-percent deposit is required to secure the date and time requested, with the balance due upon completion.

Presentations are built around photos, schematics, and vid-clips I have prepared ahead of time to present the information in the clearest and most memorable fashion. This avoids all of the time lost fumbling and watching pots boil, and makes it easy for participants to rewind and review as often as desired.


You are welcome to keep recordings of the programs I present to your group to offer to members at a later date or simply to keep as part of your library of educational material.


I am also happy to set up private classes for smaller groups of friends or workmates interested in the topics I offer.


Please don’t hesitate in contacting me for further information or to knock around ideas – my goal is the make the programs work for you.

Lecture Topics

below are the titles and descriptions of my more popular talks
I'm happy to tailor a lecture to fit the specific interests of your group

Pageantry of Japanese Textiles

An excellent program for anyone interested in Japanese weaves and surface design techniques.
An intensive survey into all major types of weaves and surface designs produced in Japan since ancient times – including a wide range of graphics, diagrams, and vid-clips of the techniques and tools employed.

Pageantry of Japanese Clothing Design

An excellent source of inspiration for clothing designers as well as the general public.

This talk traces the history and development of Japanese clothing designs since the earliest of times – how foreign styles have influenced the Japanese aesthetic and where the kimono is  headed in our modern world.


Discerning Eye

A collector's guide to Japanese textiles.

The best items in any collection are the ones we love, for whatever reason. With that in mind, this program was developed to help the collector of Japanese textiles be able to judge the quality and authenticity of items in their collection, leading to a greater appreciation. Using an abundance of examples, John points out the subtle details found in any textile that can reveal its quality and origins.


John Marshall
Works in Fabric

An animated talk on the techniques and philosophy of John Marshall.

Throughout this program, John will describe his work in detail, presenting a variety of both traditional and innovative techniques realized through the use of natural dyes and rice-paste resist. A wide range of photos and vid-clips will amply serve to illustrate the discussion. In addition, John will pepper his talk with business suggestions, anecdotes, and cultural references.


John’s glad to share his knowledge. Participants are encouraged to ask questions.


Pigments Through the Ages

Exploring humanity's association with pigments since the earliest of times.

Archeological evidence clearly indicates the use of pigments by  our ancient ancestors since the dawn of humanity. This talk explores the amazing array pigments and techniques that have been pressed into use all in the name of beauty.


Dealing with What's Been Dealt

Creative Solutions to Life's Little Challenges.

One question John is continually asked is, “How do you come up with ideas?” The answer is not as simple as it may seem, but the basis of a very interesting talk.


Attention is focused on five to six projects as we follow them from inception to climax.


A wide range of images illustrate intimate details of the original source for an idea – with highlights of sketches and scribbles as ideas take shape. The works are shown in progress as decisions are made concerning the next step to take, turning major (and minor) setbacks into definite plusses, constructing the piece, and examining the completed project. The abundance of samples of John’s work is sure to spark ideas of your own.


The Texture of the Life We Weave

A discussion of how the joy of life is expressed through color and pattern in cultures around the world.
shiboriKimono indigo-.jpg

Japanese Indigo

How Japanese indigo is produced and the role it plays in Japanese society.

Indigo is loved throughout the world. Something about its subtle shades and cool complexity tugs at the heartstrings of humanity. In this talk, we will be exploring many of the traditional Japanese ways of working with indigo.  As well as exploring the role indigo has played in Japanese culture and aesthetics as we touch upon the many ways we may incorporate it into our daily lives

In this discussion we explore the role textiles and colors play in our lives to indicate our deepest emotions and express our relationship to the world and our surroundings.


Meiji Design

Examining the unique styles of design introduced during the Meiji Period.

The Meiji and Taisho Periods were a time in which Japan was experiencing huge changes due to her sudden and unexpected exposure to the West, fostering an explosion of creativity and innovation.

   This talk explores several of the design approaches unique to this period and guides participants through the process of translating these concepts into their own contemporary art.

Workshop Offerings

click on the images below to read more about the range of classes offered in each category

Indigo Programs

blue and so much more...


a wide range of printing techniques for use with natural dyes

Katazome and Bingata

traditional stencil techniques rooted in Okinawan culture and Japanese aesthetics

Clothing Design

traditional garments as well as contemporary innovations based on Japanese construction techniques and aesthetics

Natural Dyes

Japanese approaches to working with soymilk, natural dyes, and pigments


applying precious metals and alloys to silk


complex clamp resist


a marriage between shibori and hand painting

Everything Else

dolls, talismans, and quilting techniques

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