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precious and semi-precious laminates on silk




Restrained golds and laminates are just the kind of detail that makes elegant Japanese textiles pop. However, the techniques aren't limited to silks. There is a highly sought-after category of sarasa that is gold-leafed cotton called kinzarasa.

a few well known categories of kinpaku


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KinZarasa was first introduced to Japan through trade with India during the Ming Dynasty of China and has been coveted ever since. It became especially popular during periods in which gold leafing on silk was prohibited by sumptuary laws - people simply switched over to doing on cottons instead.



Kyoto is also home to NishijinOri textiles. Most often the laminates are applied to hand-made paper. These gilded papers are then sliced into thread-thin strips and woven. Quite often, gold leaf is applied directly to the woven surface, either in powder or sheet form.

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Kyoto produces some of the world's most sophisticated and luxurious silk textiles. One of the many distinguishing traits of KyouYuuzen is the extensive use of gold leaf and other laminates.

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