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March 6-9 (Wed – Sat), 2023

review session March 16 (Sat), 2023

five sessions total

noon: 11:00 – 1:00 California time

focus on producing and applying natural dyes


Have you ever wondered how such exquisite natural dyes are produced in Japan and how they are used? Would you like to make your own natural dyes for use on silks as well as cottons and other fibers? Well be covering all this and more.
This course includes a history of the use and production of natural dyes in Japan along with several projects geared to lead you through this satisfying process. Well be making and using natural dyes in both pigment and juice forms, focusing primarily on cold and direct application techniques. Well cover using mordants vs soymilk to assist colors and how to effectively combine natural pigments with other natural dyes for the greatest impact.
  John will be relying on his fifty years of experience working with Japanese dye methods, drawing heavily on his large library of rare and limited-edition Japanese reference material  - distilling out the most applicable to our modern world.
Spanning four days will allow you time to try out the techniques we cover in class between sessions. Well have an extra session on Saturday, March 15, to review all the information covered in class, answer any questions that may have come up while working on your own, and send you off confident in your ability to create wonderous colors from the materials around you.

Clothing Design Advanced

  • Additional Information

    The Zoom-format sessions will be recorded and made available to participants for one month after the last day of class. Participants are encouraged to download and keep the recordings for future reference.
    John Marshall reserves the right to cancel classes in the unlikely event of an emmergency or circumstances beyond his control. If a class is cancelled, John will plan to reschedule, however, his responsibility and liability are limited to a refund of class fees.
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    I'll send you an acknowledgement of registration once payment has been recieved. Checks are welcome if you prefer not to pay online. Contact me for more information.

    As we approach the class, I'll send all participants a link to the class webpage, which will include a link to sign in via Zoom.

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