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I offer a broad range of programs, covering a great many topics concerning Japanese textile arts. Above you'll see a choice between upcoming programs, get it now, and sponsor. The get it now section offers topics for immediate download. If your organization would like to have John do a presentation for you, click on the sponsor link for more information.

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Can't wait or prefer to get a head start? I'm working to build up a library of on-demand courses. What I have currently available is listed below. The greyed out topics are the ones in the works. These courses include clearly written text, line drawings, and photos in pdf format. Included are an abundance of video clips to illustrate each step. Both the pdf and vid-clip files are yours to download and keep – there is no expiration date. From time to time the files are added to or updated. Purchasing the course includes access to these updates.



OnLine Lessons

Exploring Japanese Textiles with John Marshall

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