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by John Marshall

Protect your investment in your stencil by treating it with care. The best way to store stencils is by stacking them flat. To keep the stencils from snagging one another, and to reduce damage while handling, make large paper envelopes from clean newsprint or butcher paper to house them. Use the thinnest paper available. This will allow you to look through the paper to see the stencils in silhouette, rather than needing to remove each as you hunt for a particular design. Keeping the envelopes to a uniform size, even if the stencils are not, will make it easier to keep them stacked neatly.


The stencils will be spending quite a bit of their life in water. Take great care to make sure the stencil is allowed to dry thoroughly as soon as possible once you have cleaned it. Dampness is the enemy of paper products. Mold and mildew will set in and break down the fibers. Never pack away a stencil while it is even the least bit damp.

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