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Shipping is calculated by computer and is not always accurate. When in doubt, feel free to email me a list of the items you would like to order, and I'll get back to you with an accurate amount. Another option is to place the items you'd like in your cart, take a picture of your screen with the order, and email it to me. If you use the web page shipping algorithm and are overcharged, I'll certainly notify you and refund the difference.

When in doubt, please contact me first.


   Harite and shinshi make it possible for the dyer to stretch fabric mid-air, allowing the dye to dry quickly and evenly. In general, I recommend spacing your shinshi about a foot apart, with the harite clamps at the ends. That means that a one-yard length would require one set of harite and only two shinshi. A twelve-yard length would require, thirty-five sticks plus the clamps.  If you happen to have ten on hand when you stretch a one-yard length, it's a good idea to space them closer and use them all.  If you happen to have only ten on hand when stretching your twelve-yard length, simply use what you have and make do.

   However, do consider purchasing a few extra when you place your order as back-ups. After fifty years of using these, I've consistently found that you can never have too many on hand.


harite and shinshi, stretching equipment

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  • Directions

    Interested in making your own harite set? Check out my set of directions on the How-To page.

  • Sizes and Prices

    $115 for set (two clamps)

    16" – $2.50@
    bundle of ten 16" sticks - $15

    40" - $8@
    48" - $11@
    59" - $15@

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