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Shipping is calculated by computer and is not always accurate. When in doubt, feel free to email me a list of the items you would like to order, and I'll get back to you with an accurate amount. Another option is to place the items you'd like in your cart, take a picture of your screen with the order, and email it to me. If you use the web page shipping algorithm and are overcharged, I'll certainly notify you and refund the difference.

When in doubt, please contact me first.


Surikomi brushes are used to apply small to medium-size areas of color when applying dyes or pigments to our stretched and pasted fabric. Deer hair sandwiched between two slats of bamboo, these brushes are flat tipped and are designed to be help perpendicular to the surface of the weave. I highest quality brushes are lacquered just above the bristles. If you need a size larger than listed, please check with me. I have some special stock set aside.

surikomi brush

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  • Sizes and Prices

    0.5 – $16
    1.0 – $20
    1.5 – $20
    2.0 – $24
    3.0 – $30
    4.0 – $32
    5.0 – $36
    6.0 – $40
    7.0 – $42
    8.0 – $50
    10.0 – $60


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