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Rice Paste Resist


Thanks for your purchase! Please follow the directions below to access your course.
This program is not time-sensitive, please feel free to check back often. If you ever loose track of your pass code, just email me and I'll send it to you again.


Need help with your projects?

Clicking on the computer screen icon will give you access to the pdf file for this digital workshop, that is, the interactive text version for this lesson. As you read through the text, you’ll come across a vid-cam icon – and if you click on it, you’ll be transported to my online video presentation designed to complement that portion of the text.


It’s quite possible that when you click on the icon the first time, a message will come up telling you that you can’t access the YouTube channel. This is easy to fix. Click on the FAQ icon for quick an easy directions to change your settings.


I recommend saving a copy of the file to your desktop as well as printing out a copy to reference when you are away from the computer.

Basic Rice Paste Recipe-.jpg
Steaming Method-.jpg
Crock Pot Method-.jpg

Clicking on any of the chapter images will take you directly to that specific movie online, it isn’t necessary to go through the pdf file to access them. However, you may need the passcode: KP5890

Applying Paste with Stencils-.jpg
Applying Paste with a Cone-.jpg
Printing with Rice Paste-.jpg
Harite and Shinshi-.png
Stencil Crutches-.jpg
Poor Rice Paste Applicaiton-.jpg
Rice Bran Options-.jpg
Adding Pigments to Paste-.jpg
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