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Most of us are familiar with soybeans. We enjoy them in the form of tofu, crackers, soy sauce, and edamame –the in-the-pod beans served with coarse salt in many Asian restaurants. But did you know that soybeans could also be a textile artist ’s best friend?
Just how soymilk aided the dye process was never explained to me when I was apprenticed to my dye teacher, other than having it mentioned that it worked as a binder. Oh, but it does so much more than that! In this section I would like to share with you the results of over forty years of research and experimenting I ’ve done in the course of my career. I hope you will find this protein to be as useful as I have.
The program includes a forty-seven-page pdf file of texts and illustrations augmented by six videos showing detailed, step-by-step procedures. A list of the videos and their topics may be seen below. I have also included a pdf copy of my classic Salvation Through Soy, originally published in 2002.



Making Soymilk with Whole Beans

making Soymilk with Flour


Fabric Treatment

Sizing Presewn Garments

Working with Harite and Shinshi

Soy–OnLine NOW

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