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Japanese rice paste is a wonderfully versatile medium, allowing for great detail in imagery. It washes out easily leaving no residue, and is totally non-toxic.
I’ll be guiding you through the basics of making the rice paste with various options for cooking. You ’ll be able to use the paste produced with these directions with the stencil you carved in the precious section, STENCILS, and you ’ll be able to use it as a stand-alone medium applied with a cone, brush, and even vegetable slices.  
The information is presented in two formats. The first, text, is an interactive pdf file with links to the second format –online videos I’ve prepared just for this program.


Some of the topics covered include

basic recipes

cooking using a steamer, microwave, crock pot

applying with stencils, cones, and brushes

direct printing with paste

using paste to cap colored areas prior to additional dyeing

avoiding problems

bran substitutes

adding pigment to paste

tips and variations


Rice Paste–OnLine NOW

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