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Textile of the Month Club TWO


Dates and links to group Vimeo recordings may be found below.

Vimeo password: ToMtwo-2024

membership perk: Textile of the Month members are welcome to take a 30% on any of the textiles listed on the John's Attic page of my website. I'm still figuring out how to issue a coupon code for you, which means that in the mean time, I'll simply be issuing a refund once I ship out your order.

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video clipsin monthly order of presentation

series two, 2024 recordings


01 Yuuzenlike painted fans in their delicacy of imagery, we'll be discussing both Kyoto and Kaga styles –includes two samples

January 9, 11:00 California Time


02 HonTsudureJapanese-style tapestry weave / weft faced obi fabric – includes two samples

February 6, 11:00 California Time


03 Meisenscreen printed kasuri dyeing which allows for quick turn around of timely patterns

March 12, 11:00 California Time


04 SagaNishikigilded paper warp with twill weave

April 9, 11:00 California Time


05 RadenOriwoven mother-of-pearl

May 7, 11:00 California Time


06 Kyoukechicomplex clamp resist with safflower dye

June 4, 11:00 California Time


Ise Katagamihand-carved paper stencils used to apply the patterning in edo komon dyeing

07 Edo Komonminutely patterned geometric imagery using stencils and rice-paste resist

These two samples will be discusses together in July.

July 9, 11:00 California Time


08 SakiOrirag weaving

August 13, 11:00 California Time


09 Kinkomacouched textiles

September 10, 11:00 California Time


10 Moriagehigh relief painted/coned imagery on silks


11 Minomushibagworm skin appliqued and piece-quilted textiles

November 12, 11:00 California Time


12 PlatinumOrilaminated strips of platinum woven with silk

December 10, 11:00 California Time

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