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Cultural Association

not the official web page - just a place to keep track of meetings, upcoming dates, and reference data

Next Scheduled Meeting

April 23, 7:00 p.m.
Zoom link:

JanKenPo Gakko Website:
JanKenPo Gakko Cultural Association Website (still under construction):

Committee Contact Emails:
Naomi Goto
Stan Goto
John Itagaki
Greg Kitajima
Myrtle Kuramoto
Richard Kuramoto
John Marshall
Janet Sakata
Dotty Theodoratus
Christine Umeda
Stan Umeda

JanKenPo Gakkou Reps
Nancy Shimizu
Jennifer Moriata
Jayne Rasmussen
Greg Umeda
Motoe Yamada-Foor

Zoom Recording of Last Meeting
password for all recordings: jkp-50yrs!

April 23, 2024 (OK to  download and keep)

March 21, 2024 (partial recording, OK to  download and keep)


Please use this link to select days that you can meet for our next meeting.

JKP 2024 calendar.jpg

Target Goals and Dates:

Thoughts and ideas brought up during 3/21/24 meeting:


  1. Celebrate accomplishments

  2. Recognize Gakko’s contributions to JA community

  3. Reinvigorate JA community

  4. Recruit prospective parents/ members

  5. Strengthen ties between Gakko and Cultural Association


Event date in 2025:  June 28th? July 13th?  July 19th? 

  • Late afternoon (4:00-6:00)?

Entertainment / performance

  • Obon odori (whole group)

Distinguished alumni (recordings)

Testimony from alumni (recorded, live)

Interactive (activities, displays: John M., Naomi, Dotty)

Printed material / electronic file available on social media

Other keepsakes

Donors / advertising

Good food!

Community partners (Oto’s, North American, Binchoyaki – Craig, Toki Takehara)


Social media / Gakko website (Jennifer: call for testimonials, save the date)

Determine a tentative date


  • Marielle Tsukamoto


Produce video

  • Gail Yamada (video producer, Christine will contact her)

Find a venue

Determine activities

Invite list (Nancy had list compiled for 45th anniversary)

Food / catering


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