I’m glad to be part of HGA’s Convergence once again!

This year it will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, and I’ll be offering a wide range of programs and opportunities for anyone addicted to exquisite textiles from Japan.  (Click on the logo to the left to visit the HGA Conference page or one of the textile logos to view my programs at Convergence 2014.)

I hope you’ll sign up for my workshop or one of my lectures, and be sure to come by my booth in the vending hall.

I’ll be bringing an incredible array complex weaves and uniquely dyed textiles. Included will be exotic woven fibers such as linden, banana, and fiddlehead fern fluff. Weaves will include triaxials, 24k gold leafed yarns in tapestry weaves, silk velvets (cut, loop, and saber), and other-worldly jacquards.

If you’ve been searching for a sample of some special Japanese weave or dye technique, just let me know and I ’ll be happy to bring something along for you to handle and put your nose to!

Be sure to visit my web page at JohnMarshall.to or check out
my blog for Japanese textile related articles, JohnMarshall.to/blog

See you in Rhode Island!
fukusa shochikubai round.jpg