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This agreement is being made between _______________ and John Marshall. John is to present a workshop for __________ day(s) beginning ___________, and ending _______________, on the subject of ____________________ between the hours of ____________ and _____________________.

In return the sponsoring organization agrees to provide John with lodging and meals beginning the evening before class is to begin and continuing through the morning after the last day of class, a suitable place in which to conduct the class for (approximately) __________ students, reimbursement for all travel expenses, all shipping costs (if necessary), and an honorarium of $____/day for a total of ________ for the ____ day(s) of teaching.

John agrees to conduct an additional lecture open to the public at no additional charge if three or more days of instruction have been agreed upon.

John will be supplying all of the consumable materials and specialty equipment necessary to conduct the class at an additional charge of ________/student (materials fee), to be paid for by the individual students on the first day of class directly to John.

If the program includes a trunk show, 20% of all sales will be paid to the sponsoring organization to help offset the costs of John’s program.

On or before _________, 50% of the honorarium ($________) is due as a deposit and confirmation. Reimbursement for travel expenses will be due on or before the evening of ___________, and the balance of the tuition is due on or before ___________.

Until a deposit has been received, either party may cancel this agreement at any time, for any reason, with no obligation to the other.

If the class is canceled by the sponsoring organization once the deposit has been received, for whatever reason, the deposit will be forfeited. If, for whatever reason, the class is canceled by John on or after the deposit has cleared his bank, the deposit will be returned in full and the sponsoring organization will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.

John Marshall
telephone: 707-983-6636
e-mail: katazome@JohnMarshall.to

the sponsoring organization

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Click on the image above to download a doc-format version of the sample contract.
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