kinran - gold woven textiles
The term kinran refers to textiles woven with gold threads. Ginran is the term used for those woven with silver.

Kinran may be combined with any number of other weaving techniques, but always has the gold threads running the full weft. On occasion the gold will appear to be a supplemental weft if viewed from the back. However in this case, the floating threads have invariably been clipped.

Gold threads may also be used in tapestry weaves and other techniques in which the gold is not carried from selvage to selvage, but these do not qualify as kinran.

Older styles of kinran, with the gold laminated by hand to paper, appear to have off white strands throughout the back when the gold is woven flat. These are the back sides of the gilded paper. Many pieces may not show paper on the reverse side. In this case the filded paper may be wrapped around a silk core, or they may be either alloys other than gold, or synthetics. However, there is a modern technique in which the gold is vaporized and adhered to a substrate. In this case, the pure gold may be seen from both sides.

To feed the craft market with beautiful but less expensive textiles, an imitation kinran was developed using mylar-like gold and rayon. At higher quality of fabric for better dolls is also available with synthetic gold and silk.
I have been collecting shibori work for the past fifteen years. Below are items from my collection available for sale. The items on display will change periodically. All are in excellent condition and new, unless otherwise noted. If you have a specific request please feel free to email me. I’ll try my best to keep this up to date, but if something is already sold by the time you contact me, I will do my best to find something similar for you.
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