General Price List
John Marshall
works in fabric
Post Office Box 115, Covelo, California 95428 USA
John@JohnMarshall.to  www.JohnMarshall.to
Emails are the best way to reach me if you have questions, however my telephone is
707-983-6636. If you leave a message, be sure to leave your email address as well.
PayPal - You may send payment via PayPal to the following account:
Items are subject to availability and pricing may change at any time without notice. Please allow as much time as possible when placing your order since I am often out of the studio.
Be sure to check out the links associated with each item. You’ll find many useful hints for substitutions and caring for the items I offer.
The hole punches I carry are round metal tips inserted into wood shafts wrapped with silk to secure them in place. Currently, I carry only odd numbers. Feel free to email me ahead of placing an order to check on availability. To order, simply email me with your request and I will send you a PayPal invoice once I know the shipping costs.
$65 each.
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How to Correctly Use a Japanese Hole Punch
(for right-handed people)
1. Place a proper cutting mat beneath your stencil paper.
2. Rest both elbows on the table top.
3. Using both hands, hold the stylus with your thumb, index, and middle fingers.
4. Hold your left at the top of the stylus, while keeping your right hand down low close to the paper.
5. Using your index fnger (and/or your middle finger) of your left hand, slowly rotate the stylus clockwise while pushing firmly through the paper. Take care to keep the stylus perpendicular to the paper at all times, and press down just hard enough and long enough to cut through the paper. Pushing too hard, or at an odd angle may cause the tip to snap.
left hand position - right hand position
correct method-
keep the stylus perpendicular to the paper
wrong method-
holding the stylus at an oblique angle to the paper